UPS & Battery Recycling

Professional UPS Battery Recycling Services in Bangalore & Chennai If you have Working UPS or Not working UPS in any brands, be sure to contact E-cycle Solutions In Bangalore & Chennai, We are top rated buyers of Online UPS and Offline UPS.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery is used as an emergency backup power supply when the main power fails. These power sources are used to protect hardwares such as computers, data centers and other electrical equipment. UPS batteries play an important role in these situations, since power loss of of the electrical equipment they are used for can cause serious injury, or even fatality. UPS Batteries Contains most dangerous chemicals like mercury, cadmium and lithium, which are harmfull to environment and these chemicals are not disposed on landfills it effects to helath issue for humans and animals, it can be poison water supplies if the chemicals leak out. where as lead plates, which are immersed in an acid and water solution inside its container. Over time, the plates wear down and acid dilutes, causing the battries to fail and it should be replaced for every 5 years.

Do you have spent UPS batteries that need to be removed? If so, get in touch with Us today for more information on how we can provide guidance and solutions to help you with your battery waste. We look forward to helping you with all of your UPS battery recycling needs!