Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, E-Cycle Solutions is the E-Waste Management KSPCB Authorized and ISO Certified Company.

We cover all over Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Our main concept is to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. We reduce by accepting your unwanted electronics,During the process of recycling we look for items wheather we can reuse it or not recycling is last step and at last we are re-cycling it eco-friendly

The E-Waste is more effective to the atmosphere it is one of the biggest environmental impacts from e-waste. When electronic waste is thrown away in landfills their toxic materials enters into soil and groundwater, it affecting to land, animals and human beings.

Yes, we will accept all IT equipments and this is our major service

You need to fill the contact form which is in our website or else give a call to us our team will come to your door step and will collect it.

our electronic devices contain very personal data. You likely have passwords and financial information. You want to format your hard drives, pen drives, memory cards and other storage devices before recycling electronics.

E-Waste is hazardous to our society, and it must be reused, recycled, or disposed in proper way. please do not put your e-waste to garbage bins You can contact us for further process

Now a days we all are addicted to electronic gadgets like most popular Tv, Mobile, Computer and so on. But the life span of Electronic gadgets is 2 years but after some years our gadgets will not work then this is called as e-waste.

You can dispose your old batteries to your nearest Recycling Center. and We are giving a best service for UPS and Battery Recycling for more information visit to our site.

At E-Cycle Solutions, there is no cost for transportation facility*.

we will consider Laptops, Monitors, computers, televesion, DVD player, VCRs, Printers and Cartridges, Mobile phones and all kinds of electrical and electronic materials.

Our team members will try to contact you according into your schedule.

Before you toss that empty toner cartridge into the trash, know that it will take nearly 1,000 years to decompose in your local landfill. Don't throw it away. Recycle it. We are proud to announce a program to recycle toner cartridges.

E-waste refers to electronic products nearing the end of their "useful life", for example, computers, televisions, VCRs etc.e-Waste is placed in landfills, exposure to environmental toxins is likely to increase, resulting in elevated risks of cancer